Tested and recommended
Wiha is the only hand tool manufacturer in the world with an official recommendation from doctors and therapists.

Excellently ergonomic –
Wiha tools recommended by doctors and therapists

We are health pioneers! We are the first hand tool manufacturer in the world to have been awarded a seal which confirms the effectiveness and benefits of our ergonomic screwdriver handle size concept and the Inomic® pliers handle concept.

Tested and recommended by the forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR).
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What is the AGR?

For many years, the AGR has been dedicated to promoting and researching the prevention of back pain. It also offers recommendations on products that help to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.

In light of its strict test criteria and the team of renowned medical experts who form the independent committee, the AGR quality seal also enjoys a high level of approval within the medical community. Distinguished products therefore carry the recommendation of doctors and therapists.

The best prescription for your health – ergonomic products from Wiha

Wiha SoftFinish®

Wiha SoftFinish® screwdriver - Work to stay healthy!

Increases your efficiency:
Screwdriver handle size concept for optimum balance between precision and control.

Protects your health:
Features patented SoftFinish® handle design, ensuring work is kind to hands and muscles. Recommended by German doctors and therapists of the German Campaign for Healthier Backs.

Wiha Inomic® Zange

The Wiha Inomic® pliers - Not just a tool, but a part of you!

Protects your health:
Ergonomic hand position enables users to work longer whilst protecting muscles.

Saves money:
Three tools in one: gripping, cutting and holding

Wiha Werkzeug Koffer Elektriker Competence XXL

Wiha Competence XXL II electrician’s toolbox

Wiha Installationszange TriCut

Wiha TriCut installation pliers

Wiha Kraftseitenschneider BiCut®

Wiha BiCut® high-performance diagonal cutter

Wiha health promotion 2017 Getting to grips with health –
Tools by Wiha

In 2017 we are putting the health of users in the spotlight of our campaign and allowing the subject of “Ergonomics and Health” to take centre stage - with all the necessary equipment.

As the only hand tool manufacturer in the world, we do not just have the recommendation and recognition of the AGR e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) but also actively get to grips with one of the essential criteria for the use of hand tools – the preservation of health.

We will be pulling out all the stops with tailor-made initiatives and coherent concepts in order to meet the needs for more information and communication of users, specialist trade and lastly the tool market. The pooling of a broad range of measures to achieve this goal will create the “Wiha health offensive 2017”. Generating attention. Placing information attractively and emotionally. Providing communication continuously and in a way which is geared towards the recipient. Explaining competently and providing training with a focus on benefits. These are the basic foundations for sensitisation and creation of a basic understanding which can prove to be a great opportunity for all. Get ready for the “Wiha health offensive 2017” – I FEEL WIHA!

You will find our health-offensive products at well-stocked specialist traders - no need for a prescription, obviously.

The right hand tool for a healthy back

Can the right hand tool help promote health? What initially sounds unusual, has now been confirmed once and for all in independent investigations and tests by doctors and therapists.

For health experts, it is an undisputed fact that when it comes to the subject of "back health", the whole musculoskeletal system has to be taken into account. Each muscle, each bone and each joint always affects the system as a whole.

Our ergonomic handle size concepts provide relief, save energy and its right here where they come into play

The formula: “Less force” + “more correct stimulus” of the motion system as a whole thanks to the use of our hand tools = “more health”.

Of course, many different factors and influences affect the very broad subject of health and especially “back health”. Most notably psychological aspects, such as stress or anxieties, may play a significant role. In the world of work additional psycho-social factors, such as esteem, social support or empathy, have a considerable influence on the emergence of back pains. There are several approaches to therapy, usually tailored to the possible individual causes. A interaction of various measures and “getting to grips with the root of the evil” are often the only options of achieving long-term success and improvements.

​​​​​​​Our AGR-approved Wiha handle size concepts for screwdrivers and Inomic® pliers contribute considerably to the preservation or improvement of health at their own very unique level; a level which is new around the world and has previously been largely underestimated.

The concept of the correct “turn” is based on the development of small handles, adapted ideally to the hand, for precision and control and large handles for powerful screwing, and the soft and hard zones which are integrated into the handle. This ergonomic system, implemented with a concept of four screwdriver handle sizes and lengths which are optimised for the respective screwing cases or working tasks, helps users to reduce or even completely prevent complaints in the musculoskeletal system and pains in the joints and muscles. The Inomic® pliers handle ergonomics system, with a specially angled head, the ergonomic shape of the pliers and resultant hand positioning during use, is equally aimed at relieving the hand-arm system.

Of course, further aspects and principles of back health which go beyond the subject of “ergonomic tools” also have to be observed and applied. “Back-friendly work postures”, the “avoidance of repetitious work postures”, the “significance of general, physical activity” and the “correlation of psyche/stress and back pain” are just a few examples and factors which should be taken into account within the scope of preventive health measures. We are convinced that a positive effect on health can only be achieved if the person, the tool and the working task are all comprehensively harmonised to each other.

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